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Masai Medical ClinicMr. Mwaura has worked with leadership in our charity for a number of years and has always supported our strongest efforts when we travel to Kenya to serve. Mr. Mwaura has been involved in organizing transportation, hiring drivers, and driving vehicles for our medical teams when we travel to Kenya.

One of the most important leadership qualities that sets Mr. Mwaura apart from some whom we have come to know in Kenya is his servanthood mentality and active participation in all aspects of the journey. Mr. Mwaura is a man who is always looking to support any duties that may be called upon and has exhibited great leadership in difficult situations as well.

His knowledge of the Kenyan landscape, the communities, language, and culture has proven invaluable on numerous occasions. He has also operated as an interpreter for our medical teams when we travel to the remote village bomas around Amboseli near our campus. We prize and appreciate Mr. Mwaura as a trustworthy agent to carry important actions for our charity and highly recommend his service to others.



Dr. Warren Bruhl
Executive Director
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