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anthonyIt has been a tremendous journey since I first encountered wild life and fell totally in love with it twenty years ago.

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage was the place where I met young men and women volunteers as tour guides for visitors, and their knowledge and skills overcame me and the idea of me becoming one was a dream that came true.

I joined a College that trains professional guides and teaches about tourism in general. Upon graduation I was offered a place by Express Travel Group for my practicum that lead to an appointment as a guide and proved that I was equal to the task.

Twenty years down the line I have made a name in professional guiding leading to a career as a tour operator. Within these years, I have traveled far and wide locally and internationally attending workshops and conferences and lectured on our cultural and environmental heritage which is so diverse, making Kenya one of the best safari destinations the world over.

About Prestige Holidays Kenya

In the year 2010, I was approached by several of the groups I was serving to plan safaris for them at a personal level and the results were excellent. Prestige Holidays Kenya as a company was born and, to date, has an excellent reputation for safari planning, ranging from tailor made safaris such as luxury safaris, camping safaris, car hire, excursions, balloon safaris, beach holidays, college students’ tours to medical clinics. It’s not good to brag but give us a challenge and we in return will give service equal to the value of your money and beyond your expectations.

Prestige Holidays Kenya scales the heights of safari destinations in Africa offering opportunities better experienced than imagined and giving back treasured memories.

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